Apr 30, 2023

Further education key to strengthening your workforce

Indeed, much research highlights that the attraction and retention of talent should be the top priorities of a business. Attracting the right employees is as critical as retaining existing employees with retention being an important aspect.

We all need to maintain a constant focus on investment in our human capital to ensure we are equipped with high-quality people with the required skills. This is crucial to sustaining long-term productivity and economic competitiveness.

World-class technical skills lie at the heart of all successful polymer companies, and this is where Sierra 57 Consult are focussing on as we help our customers grow. We recognise that you need to constantly concentrate on the expertise of the team to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and manufacturing excellence and thereby support sustainable growth and development.

The focus of Sierra 57Consult is to support the evolution of polymer processors via recruitment, training and mould contracting, networking to create strong and lasting relationships whilst working as a partner to our customers helping to empower them by enabling the ongoing upskilling learning and development of their employees.

We recognise that many companies are struggling to recruit candidates with the skills they require but have not considered training to up-skill their current workforce to fill the skills gaps.

Key advantages to upskilling your team with training are:

1. Save and increase revenue in the long term.

2. Improving performance and efficiency.

3. Attract new business with the additional skills.

4. Keep up to date with the industry standards.

5. Keep employees motivated and productive in their job.

At Sierra 57 Consult we have a team of exceptional trainers, with experience at the ‘coal face’, ready to identify and deliver the training required on site in your facility.

We are currently working with employers who are investing money, time and energy into employee training, development, and growth – tactics that employment experts have long pointed to as being crucial for strong team morale, long-term employee retention and successful word-of-mouth-driven recruitment.

It is important to offer all employees the opportunity for workforce development by improving their skills. It is to easy to let training take a backseat to other expenditures but the most effective way to reduce scrap, cycle times, set up times and downtime is to provide the necessary skills to the workforce. This will have the greatest effect long term on the business.

Sierra 57 Approach

How do Sierra 57 Consult approach this? One of our expert trainer/consultants will come to your facility and train a group of your team members together. This is a cost effective way to include teams from multiple departments and it eliminates the need for travel and extended time away from work.

This is an ideal method of training because you’re able to use your own machines and we can customise training to your specific needs. Working with you we can also create a training implementation plan to ensure long-term business success.

The benefits of in-plant training are mainly:

· Train a number of employees simultaneously.

· Eliminate travel costs.

· Reduce time away from work.

· Use your own machinery and equipment.

· Customised training for your specific needs.

· Get everyone speaking the same language.

In-plant training means we train at your facility to provide the training identified, we can offer one-on-one training and mentoring if required. Following the training/coaching your team will walk away speaking the same processing language, which often improves organizational efficiency and communication.

World-class technical skills lie at the heart of all successful polymer companies, Sierra 57 Approach