Mar 27, 2023

Cool things for your backyard you never knew existed

Make the most of your outdoor space and turn it into a relaxing oasis with these cool things for your backyard you probably never knew existed. As these genius products show, you don't have to spend a ton of money to enjoy the warm summer months on your patio or by the pool. We’re talking practical entertaining essentials — like magnetic grill lights and inflatable cup holders so you can sip on a chilled drink while floating in your pool — as well as cute decor for a quick refresh. If your backyard, like you, has been in winter hibernation for way too long, it's time to spruce it up.

This lightweight garden hose is easy to maneuver and carry around for a hassle-free way to water your backyard. Its all-weather design and sturdy outdoor cover make it highly durable and the o-ring ensures a leakproof connection. The hose coils easily and lays flat for easy storage.

Illuminate your deck with these solar lights that are a great safety feature as well as a way to create a cozy ambience. The lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, and take about five hours to fully charge in the sun — no electric and unsightly cords needed. In addition to a deck, the lights can also be installed on outdoor stairs, lining a pathway, or to add curb appeal around your front door.

Enjoy some ooey-gooey s’mores anytime you want without having to start a big bonfire thanks to this tabletop fire pit bowl. The portable little fireplace has a sleek design and burns for 70 or more minutes without any messy cleanup afterwards. It's made from sturdy cement, sits on three raised legs to protect your surfaces, and has a stainless steel interior to prevent cracking or the fuel inside from spilling.

Get rid of bird and spider droppings quickly and easily with this stain remover spray. Instead of scrubbing the area with soap and water, spray this bleach-free formula on and allow it to work for less than a second before wiping it down. The spray is non-abrasive and gentle enough not to strip wax or polish off surfaces or damage fabric.

Spend a relaxing afternoon in your backyard and shield yourself from direct sunlight with these blackout outdoor curtains. They have an elegant look that’ll instantly dress up your patio and feature a waterproof design for extra durability. The triple-layer fabric ensures light blocking and thermal insulation, while the grommets make it easy to slide the panels back and forth.

These stainless steel tumblers make outdoor entertaining extra convenient — they’re shatterproof so you don't need to worry about breakage and the insulated construction helps keep drinks nice and cold, no matter how much of a scorcher the day is. Each tumbler has a sleek, easy-to-hold design and comes with a sliding cover to protect your beverage from bugs and flies.

Hang these solar lanterns to add a soft glow and some retro style to your backyard. The weather-resistant lights can withstand rain, frost, and heat and have solar panels at the top to allow for continual charging during the day and automatic use at night. Suspend them from tree branches, a pergola, or an outdoor umbrella, or use them as a table centerpiece for a magical way to illuminate your outdoor space.

Set a timer and water up to 20 plants using this automatic drip irrigation watering kit. It's a great way to save water, make sure your plants don't dry out, and schedule the watering ahead of time so you don't need to worry about it. The kit includes everything you need to get started and can be used for potted plants, hanging baskets, and garden beds.

Keep mosquitos at bay with these citronella incense sticks that are made with plant-based essential oils including citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary. To use it, simply stick it in the ground or inside a flower pot, light the incense stick 10 minutes prior to sitting outside, and let it burn for up to three hours. It's a great bug repellent for your backyard, patio, or deck, and since they’re small and lightweight, the sticks are also easy enough to pack for a camping trip.

Attach these magnetic lights to your grill so you can whip up a delicious dinner outside no matter how dark it is. They have a flexible gooseneck and a weatherproof design that also makes them suitable for camping, fixing your car in an emergency, or for nighttime reading. The lights come in a two-pack and include six batteries and a handy carrying case.

Get these magical flames packets to turn a regular bonfire into a colorful light show. Each pack burns for up to an hour and turns flames into an array of colors as vibrant as the rainbow. Toss one to three packs directly into an indoor or outdoor fire and enjoy the long-lasting, mesmerizing brightness they produce.

Curl up with a good book or take a relaxing nap in this hammock swing chair that — be warned — everyone in your household will want to sit in. The soft 100% cotton chair has a solid wood bar and is made from durable fibers designed to support up to 400 pounds. It also features a plush cushion to rest your head and a built-in pocket where you can stash a magazine or your phone.

Bring out this ring toss game for your next backyard bbq for hours of fun for the whole family. The classic beach game is easy to learn and only takes a couple minutes to set up with the provided mounting hardware. It has a cool design that’ll add a fun touch to your patio in the summer and indoor game room in the winter, and its high quality construction ensures durability for years of friendly competition to come.

Save yourself the hassle of getting up in the middle of the night to turn the outdoor lights off with this smart outlet that has three individual sockets. It has a voice control feature and can be controlled via an app on your phone without the need for any hub. Schedule a timer to turn lights on and it’ll work even if your WiFi is down or you’re several miles away from your home.

Set up a high-quality sound system in your backyard with this sleek tiki wireless speaker that's as stylish as it is useful. It comes with an adjustable stake so you can place it in the ground and its waterproof construction means it's safe for outdoor use, whether that's by your pool or at a campsite. The Bluetooth speaker has LED lights and is easy to operate using five preset modes that allow you to adjust volume, skip songs, and even answer calls.

Add a layer of texture and a cozy feel to your outdoor space with this woven rug. Made from durable synthetic fibers, it is designed to withstand UV rays, stains, and all kinds of weather. It's suitable for high-traffic areas and can be cleaned with a vacuum or hosed down with soapy water and left to air dry as needed.

Replace old beach towels with these Turkish towels that have a stylish stripe and tassel design and an absorbent 100% cotton construction. The beautiful pool accessory is super lightweight and gentle on sensitive skin, while its extra large size and soft feel make it perfect for drying off after a dip in the pool.

Light up your backyard in a magical way with these solar fairy lights you can use as a light curtain, on bushes or trees, or for a festive holiday display. Its copper wires are easy to wrap around things and the eight lighting modes offer lots of options for versatile use. Since they’re charged by the sun, you also don't need to worry about extension cords to plug them in and they’ll conveniently turn on and off by themselves based on natural light outside.

Bring extra comfort and a decorative touch to your outdoor seating with this set of waterproof throw pillow covers. The solid colors add modern flair and each pillow cover has a hidden zipper closure. Wash the covers in cold water to keep them in good condition and choose from a variety of color combinations, from toned-down neutrals to a vibrant-colored four pack — to suit your space and style.

Make sure your four-legged pal stays cool and comfortable during hot weather months thanks to this pressure-activated cooling mat. The gel mat is self-cooling and automatically recharges without needing to be placed in the fridge, which makes it especially useful for travel. It's lightweight and can be wiped down for a quick clean, and no matter your dog's size or breed, it’ll bring much needed relief on hot summer days.

These inflatable drink holders are about to be the cutest addition to your pool party. Float drinks in style, whether it's in a palm tree, flamingo, unicorn, or one of the other adorable designs. The sturdy holders come with thousands of rave reviews and fit pretty much any size drink without it tipping over.

Add an extra seat on your patio or prop your feet up on this inflatable ottoman. Outdoor furniture can be seriously pricey, plus hard to store, which is why this patterned stool is such a great find. It has a zippered design, comes with an air pump so you can quickly inflate it, and features a side handle for easy carrying. Choose from multiple colors and designs and wash the fabric cover as needed.

Whether you need a little privacy or want to add a decorative touch to your fence, this fade-resistant artificial ivy mimics the look of a full hedge. You can easily attach it to any surface using zip ties, then fluff the leaves to create a natural look. The lightweight faux hedge is easy to maneuver and keep clean and also serves to block direct sunlight while keeping a space breathable.

Get these drink holder stakes for the next outdoor party you host to eliminate any confusion and keep everyone's beverage on hand. The steel stakes are easy to screw into the ground and unlike a table, they’re not effected by uneven ground. They come in two pieces that are easily attached and a carrying bag is included for convenient space-saving storage.

Let your kids enjoy endless hours of fun splashing around on this adorable world map-covered sprinkler splash pad. Just connect a hose to the splash pad to activate the gentle sprinkler jets and instantly turn your backyard into a toddler-friendly water park. The thick PVC material is durable and the raised edges keep water inside, creating a shallow pool for your little one to have fun in.

Add this disc toss game to your collection of outdoor games that don't include a million pieces or complicated set-up. The game is easy to play, can be enjoyed by a variety of age groups, and can be set up literally anywhere — from your backyard to the park or the beach. More than 11,000 reviewers have given it a perfect five-star rating.

Bring clear surround sound to your backyard using this portable Bluetooth speaker that is specifically designed for outdoor use. You can sync it with your devices and adjust the bass level, as well as volume and light color. The compact speaker has a 30-hour battery life and thousands of shoppers say it's worth the money for the great sound quality.

Hang this macrame hammock in your backyard for a comfortable and beautiful spot to enjoy a relaxing afternoon. The tassel details and soft cream canvas fabric gives the fabric a durable finish and a one of a kind look, and the included carrying bag means you can easily grab it to take to the beach or pack it away for storage once the cold months hit.

If you’re always forgetting to water your plants, these hand-blown watering globes are for you. The stunning set is easy to use: all you need to do is flip it upside down, fill it with water, then insert the glass globes in the soil, pressing them down to secure them in place. They will automatically dispense the right amount of water over the following two weeks while adding a cute decorative accent at the same time.

Instead of constantly running back and forth to the kitchen, stock this grill caddy with all your outdoor entertaining essentials. The sturdy steel caddy features seven compartments, three hanging hooks, and a built-in paper towel holder below the wood carrying handle. The heavy-duty mesh design is durable and helps hold items in place without shifting, but also prevents crumbs and condensation from building up on the bottom of the caddy.

Spruce up an old picnic table with this three-piece table and bench cover that features a cute gingham design (and is available in nine other patterns and colorways). The fitted construction and elastic edges keep it securely in place and the waterproof wipeable vinyl surface is super practical, since you don't have to worry about any pesky stains. Use the set for entertaining in your backyard, or for messy activities with your kids, such as painting and other fun crafts.

Get this light-up tetherball and the game doesn't have to stop when it gets dark. Brighter than a glow-in-the-dark version, the fiery orange ball's LED light is impact-activated and has a battery life of up to 30 hours. It comes with a 10-foot cord and its durable exterior construction makes it tough enough to withstand any climate and weather conditions.

Bring the fun to a backyard party or a boring Tuesday afternoon with the magic only a bubble machine can create. This cheap bubble blower works continuously for up to two hours, producing colorful bubbles at a speed you can adjust. Bubble liquid only needs to be added once to the large capacity tank instead of having to refill it repeatedly during use, and the machine can be plugged in or operated with batteries depending on your preference.

Make s’mores anytime you want with this easy-to-use electric s’mores maker. The flameless heater is a fun twist on a campfire favorite and consists of a four-compartment tray to hold graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and any other tasty s’more additions. It also comes with two stainless steel forks and since the small appliance is flame and smokeless, it is also suitable for indoor use.

Grow your own veggies with this garden starter kit that's perfect for every budding vegetable grower. It includes growing peat pots, rich potting soil discs, plant markers, and five types of organic seeds to grow red lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, and bush beans. So, everything you need for a colorful backyard-to-table salad.

Create a pathway through your backyard with these curved cedar planks. Each set is 4 feet long and supported by wire and rubber spacers. Roll out the weather-resistant pathway wherever you choose and move it around as needed thanks to its lightweight construction. Rinse it with a hose for a quick clean and since it's a non-permanent garden feature, you can pack it up and take it with you if you move.

Use this clever pooper scooper to clean up after your dog without causing any back strain. The tray and rake set is made from heavy duty aluminum for durability and easy cleanup, and the two snap together for convenient storage. The pooper scooper works on multiple surfaces including dirt, grass, and gravel, and if you want an effective way to keep your yard clean, listen to the 18,000-plus reviewers who gave this tool a positive rating.

Take the fun outside and enjoy epic movie nights in your backyard using this outdoor projector that comes with a 100-inch projection screen. The portable mini projector can be connected to a number of devices including your smartphone and provides crisp HD quality. It has built-in speakers and includes a remote for easy operation.

Whether you’re hosting an elegant summer soiree or a casual tailgaiting cookout, this portable high top bar is exactly what you need. It can be set up in seconds and comes with three interchangeable front skirts that are easy to hook on, as well as a handy carrying case. The table is made of aluminum for a lightweight yet sturdy design and has a hidden storage shelf where you can set up bar supplies or grill accessories.

This outdoor bar table serves double-duty and chills drinks and provides a spot to put them down. The modern design makes it a beautiful addition to your porch or patio, and its weather resistant construction means it's a great investment that’ll last through many outdoor entertaining seasons. The durable resin table consists of a pop-up bar top and a hidden cooler that holds up to 40 cans and has a drainage plug for easy emptying.