Apr 26, 2023

Case study: MESTO saves space and energy with injection moulding machines from Wittmann Battenfeld

The aspect of sustainability is a high priority at MESTO. Recycled material is used for producing non-pressurized parts. A photovoltaic system is currently being installed, and the waste heat from the injection moulding machines is used for heating. Élise Sellmayr, Manager of Production Technology and Process Optimization at MESTO, points out that a significant amount of energy savings has also been achieved by replacing old injection moulding machines with new ones. Élise Sellmayr explains: "The decision to replace the first old machine models was made in order to improve quality standards and reliability. After a substantial reduction of electricity consumption was measured with the new equipment, this aspect was another decisive motive for replacing more old machines. In this way, electricity consumption has been reduced by 30% since 2017 by exchanging eight of a total of 16 existing machines for new ones from Wittmann ."

Currently, a total of 15 injection moulding machines are operating at MESTO, ranging from 250 to 5,000 kN in clamping force, 11 of which have come from Wittmann. The machines delivered since 2017 are models from the servo- hydraulic SmartPower series with clamping forces from 600 to 3,500 kN, as well as one MacroPower with 5,000 kN clamping force. Wittmann says that machines from the SmartPower series stand out by their high level of stability, energy efficiency and compactness. Most of the machines come equipped with linear robots from Wittmann. One SmartPower 350 is designed as an Insider cell, which means that the W831 robot from Wittmann, a conveyor belt and the protective housing are all integrated in the production cell – a solution greatly appreciated at MESTO due to the amount of space saved by the system's compactness, and one which will also be considered for the acquisition of future production cells.

On the most recently delivered SmartPower 350, an automation system designed by Wittmann Battenfeld Germany based in Nuremberg has been implemented, which includes a separation and feeding device for insert parts and a stacking unit.

An additional SmartPower 180 equipped with a robot and automation will be delivered in late summer this year. The objective of this project is to feed various metal inserts to the machine for overmoulding. In addition to the machines with automation, MESTO has also ordered a printing station for plastic parts from Wittmann Germany.

Stuber, Production Manager at MESTO, particularly appreciates the good cooperation right from the concept planning stage. Johannes Stuber comments: "What gives Wittmann Battenfeld a competitive edge is above all its excellent service. In combination with its energy-efficient, compact, complete solutions, this is a decisive factor for us in the joint implementation of any projects."