Oct 27, 2023

Ask the experts: Sumitomo (SHI) Demag

The company's UK and Ireland business delivers world-class

service and support to more than 400 customers, supporting in excess of 1,800 injection moulding machines. Our UK-based Training Academy is a Cogent Skills Partner and recently accredited by IOM3. The Academy delivers structured and bespoke polymer processing and industry-led training and development courses, aimed at all operational levels, from new starters to tool setters, engineers and asset care managers. All course content has been designed to enhance precision, productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

What innovations will you bring to Interplas?

This year we will showcase a full production cell featuring an IntElect 75T with our ‘handle & box’ automation solution showcasing to customers how to achieve a fully integrated automation solution within a very small footprint.

All of the automation programming production information and mould settings will be integrated and saved via the machine HMI. This is the first presentation to the UK and Ireland market of our new in-house SAM (Sumitomo. Automation. Machine) automation platform. Further modules within the SAM automation platform are already in the pipeline, although priority is focusing on further developing the SAM-C and new SAM-S (Scara) series.

What are the key features of these innovations?

Productivity and energy-efficiency are the key benefits of the IntElect series. With excellent tie bar distance vs tonnage benefits, combined with a wide range of plasticising units available on each machine, this offers the customer complete flexibility when selecting a machine.

The IntElect will also be demonstrating our award winning Active FlowBalance technology which helps compensate for unbalanced cavity moulds. The "handle & box" SAM-C robotic system, designed for injection moulding machines within the 75 to 280 ton clamp force range, is fully integrated within the IMM control system, using our own low-maintenance servo-motor, drive and guide technologies.

What makes the innovations unique?

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag are leading the way in all-electric innovation with direct drive technology being manufactured in house and employed on both our machines and robots. The automation concept is designed and manufactured in our factories which allow machine and robot movements to be fully optimised, saving valuable cycle time.

What challenges are your customers facing?

Energy costs, productivity and labour shortages are the most prevalent challenges reported by our customers and the industry. These challenges naturally create investment caution. Having access to Academy courses to further enhance productivity, as well as tools to benchmark like-for-like process improvements all help to support investment.

How can your technology help solve them?

Investing in new energy efficient machinery, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag can help reduce energy costs and improve productivity with faster cycle times which in turn leads to higher profit for the customer. With our new in-house automation we can help simplify selection of a complete solution with minimal footprint. Our Training Academy has developed a range of injection moulding courses to address the skills shortage within our industry. We train not only Sumitomo (SHI) Demag customers, but anyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge of the injection moulding process.

Who are you and what do you do? The company's UK and Ireland business delivers world-class What innovations will you bring to Interplas? What are the key features of these innovations? What makes the innovations unique? What challenges are your customers facing? How can your technology help solve them?