Jul 31, 2023

Letters: Runaway spending

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Re: "Lawmakers undermining our democracy" (Page A8, May 21).

I was pleased to see Daniel Borenstein pointing out the attempts of California Democrats to politicize the state's ballot measure process. For years I have voted against all bond measures because they increase public debt and inevitably lead to more and more taxes to try to pay for this debt. But the way bond measures are presented hides this. So they are routinely passed by the voters.

Too many Californians don't understand the problem with ever-increasing government spending. The money is not created by magic. And on the federal level printing money to pay for programs produces the kind of inflation we’ve seen for the past three years, which hurts all but the wealthiest of us. This is why Republicans in Congress constantly resist Democrats’ efforts to spend more and more money. But they are wrongly vilified by progressives for this.

Christopher AndrusDublin

Re: "Plastic pipe water systems aren't worth the health risks" (Page A8, May 21).

Commentary authors MK Dorsey and Dustin Mulvaney use selective truth and innuendo to lead the casual reader to the conclusions they desire.

PVC resin pipe differs from its precursor chemical, vinyl chloride liquid/gas. The latter is unstable and flammable. When Paradise, California, went up in flames, how much PVC resin pipe was consumed compared to other hazardous components in cars, trucks, gas stations and mobile homes? To suggest that benzine traces found in groundwater after the fire originated from "degraded PVC pipe" is disingenuous at best.

I look forward to a more science-based commentary explaining tradeoffs and risks associated with buried PVC pipe versus alternative materials.

Harold MantleWalnut Creek

Apparently, the Farmington, N.M., shooter lacked psychiatric care for untreated mental illness. He’d recently bought his "assault rifle." He died in the shootout with police after killing several and wounding more.

Evidence reported by the Associated Press shows this was another "suicide by cop" style mass shooting. He knew his gunfire would bring cops dedicated to protecting the public by eliminating mass shooters.

The shooter's plan worked; he was able to end his life without being the one who pulled the trigger. Sadly for the public, "it's like déjà vu all over again." More guns wouldn't have helped. Conservatives also routinely reject funding mental health care, making their two main remedies folly.

Clearly, America must instead fully regulate gun ownership. That's the first thing the Second Amendment declares we must do, saying it's necessary for our security. Anything less is just another act of doing nothing and expecting different results.

Edward ChaineyRichmond

This week marked the end of the illegitimate implementation of Title 42 by the previous administration. Instead of using this opportunity to welcome immigrants with respect and humanity, the administration is putting draconian measures in place.

As a practicing Jew, the daughter of refugees and an immigrant, I urge Joe Biden to deploy our resources to enable successful resettlement in the United States and help people use their resourcefulness and energy to prosper and contribute to the well-being of this country.

Caroline LehmanAlbany

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